Where classic

meets contemporary

Kaaisha's luxury remains true to its legacy, as it continues to evolve with the majestic and constant rhythm of time.

Celebrating Modern Indian Classics.

Timeless Treasure

We at Kaaisha believe in products that can withstand changing trends. Our designs are ageless; they are classic in every way.

Women Empowerment

We empower women with elegance, style, grace and confidence.

Legacy of Luxury

As time plays on in its majestic and constant rhythm, the luxury at Kaaisha continues to evolve, all while maintaining it's true legacy.

Our Social Responsibility

Kaaisha's zero-waste policy project promotes upcycling and the Social Action Initiative, signifying sensitivity and empathy that will ensure Kaaisha's reliability in redefining luxury for generations to come.

Creating Magic for Momentous Occasions

Experience the undying beauty of traditional celebrations with a contemporary-day twist. From weddings and anniversaries to gatherings in your own circle and intimate festivals, permit yourself to be captivated by the magic of those momentous occasions.

Timeless Treasures

Kaaisha is truly a timeless classic that transcends the moment's fads and fashions. Check out our outfits that are not only fusion-friendly but also maintain an air of timeless classics.

Contributing towards environment

Kaaisha is fully committed to it's environmental responsibilities. We have eliminated the use of plastic
from our packaging by going 100% paper. Moreover, Kaaisha's zero-waste policy project promotes
upcycling. All unused fabrics from our workshop are either refurbished or recycled. 

Kaaisha Promote zero-waste Policy.

Kaaisha Love

Don’t believe us? Listen in from our customers.

When something fits perfectly, whether it's your life partner or your wedding
lehenga, you know it's right. I remember canvassing every store in every city or
exhibition I could go to until I came across this one, and the moment I put it on,
I knew it was the one! Thank you, Kaasiha by Shalini, for treating me like a queen
on my special day.

Sonali Mathur

Last year, I was in Delhi for my wedding and stopped by Kaaisha by Shalini just to
window shop, which led to my mother and I purchasing clothing for three of my
events. Without a doubt, this was one of the best decisions we've ever made. My
bridal shower and Sangeet outfits were both from Kaaisha by Shalini, and I felt
completely at ease while receiving compliments on how beautiful my dresses
were. Shalini Gupta's cooperation and patience with both me and my mother is
greatly appreciated. Shopping with Kaaisha by Shalini was a pleasure. I hope to
see you a lot more in the future.

Tanisha Batra

Thank you to Shalini Gupta and her entire team for this magnificent outfit.
Everyone who attended the event said I looked like a princess. I received
numerous compliments.

Rashi Mehrotra

Apart from being stunning, the outfit was also extremely comfortable! It was
tailored to my specifications, the sleeves were detachable, and the colour swatch
was shown to me until I was completely satisfied. No amount of gratitude can
adequately express how lovely the outfit looked on me.Thank you very much!

Sukhmani Reddy

I was recently at your store, what a delight to find you! Thank you, not only for your
expertise but also for you encouragement in making more conscientious choices!

Aanchal Pathak

It was a pleasure meeting you this past weekend. I appreciate all you suggested and
can't wait to wear your lehenga for my special day. I'll come see you again soon!

Sonali Khanna

I was thrilled to be able to visit your store again! Love my new purchase and have
worn it various ways as one of your staff suggested. Wishing you continued success
fighting the good fight in all things clothing!

Minakshi Kapoor

It was lovely to meet Shalini. We had a great time and feel very good about our
purchases from your shop. Thank you for your passion and sharing it with others. It
definitely sparked great conversation between Shalini & I and we will be back to your
store in the future...It was great to spend some time (and money ;) at your studio. My
sister is loving the garments and I’m super excited about my lehenga!

Raveena Gupta

I enjoyed getting to know Shalini. We had a lovely visit and are pleased with the
products we bought from Kaaisha by Shalini. I appreciate her passion and the way
she spread it to others. Shalini and I had a great chat about the garments, and we
agreed that we would return to your store in the future. Spending some time (and
money) in your studio was wonderful. My sister adores the clothes, and I can't wait to
wear my lehenga!

Manisha Agarwal

How uplifting, refreshing and beautiful it was for me to see a business run with such
heart, integrity and faith. Not only did I purchase some wonderful clothing, but I felt
better about myself and saw the good in the hearts of mankind that is so often
overlooked and forgotten about by the world. Thank you Kaaisha by Shalini for the
wonderful experience!

Vaishali Mittal

Exceptional Customer Service: Not only are the outfits from Kaaisha by Shalini absolutely stunning, but the customer service is also top-notch. The team goes above and beyond to ensure that you're happy with your purchase, and they're always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful, high-quality clothing.

Natasha Malhotra

I feel like a million bucks whenever I wear an outfit from Kaaisha by Shalini. The attention to detail and unique designs make each piece feel like a true work of art. I always receive compliments whenever I wear one of their outfits, and I love knowing that I'm supporting a brand that values quality and craftsmanship.

Keerthi Reddy