Timeless Elegance

With Kaaisha, traditional craftsmanship is garnished with contemporary modern spice to create a medley of visual flavours. Founded 11 years ago, the brand manifests a vision of cultural grandeur that is versatile and ever-evolving. With a passion for storytelling through apparel design, Kaaisha offers women who wish to embrace youthful beauty a promise of endurance through intricate adornment. Show more >

Kaaisha is dedicated to women's empowerment and elevating handicrafts. It has made a positive contribution toward enabling women to better their well-being, sense of self, and economic position or situation gains.

In an effort to create an ecosystem driven by passion, the brand creates all of its products as a tribute to femininity. Clearly, Kaaisha women prefer outfits that are fusion-friendly but also maintain an air of timeless classics. With its imaginative sense and artistic motifs, the brand effortlessly describes its edgy take on fashion as helping customers find a fashionable syntax to fit their personalities. < Show less

Creating Legacy, Signifying Individuality

“Kaaisha is all about creating a legacy and signifying individuality. It is also an inspiration for every woman who wants to express their uniqueness in style. While every woman is beautiful and has her own individuality, Kaaisha enables them to manifest their true beauty and charisma.”
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"Shalini, a top student in business at SRCC Delhi, discovered that she was much more interested in about fashion design after being inspired by the intricacies of design. There was no turning back once Shalini received her diploma in fashion design from the London School of Fashion. She made the decision to focus her artistic talents on creating a catalogue that bridges traditionality and modernity in a way that removes any sense of limitation."

"Her zero-waste policy project promotes upcycling and the Social Action Initiative, signifying sensitivity and empathy that will ensure Kaaisha's reliability in redefining luxury for generations to come. Every style and dress should be cherished for a lifetime."
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Shalini Gupta | Founder & Fashion Designer - Kaaisha by Shalini


Kaaisha's elegance is all about subtle luxury and timeless style.


Uncompromisingly enriching sense of self. Kaaisha instills a refreshing touch to the occasion by creating a holistic experience of rejuvenation.


There is no such thing as a modest act of compassion. Every act of kindness expands the world. Hence, we’re fostering connections with a sense of helping those in need

The Kaaisha Love

Kaaisha by Shalini effortlessly defines a modern Indian classic. Bringing together the contemporary and the traditional, Kaaisha weaves subtle elegance into your lifestyle.